Eric Omondi helps Mathare Dad who was wrongfully arrested while defending his child

Eric Omondi helps Mathare Dad who was wrongfully arrested while defending his child.

Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi led Kenyans in Fundraising Ksh 400,000 for a Mathare Dad who was arrested during protests.

Victor Juma was arrested by a police officer masquerading as a journalist after he confronted the police for lobbing tear gas at children and causing harm to his daughter.

The video of law enforcement in plain clothes blending in with journalists to pounce on unsuspecting protestors attracted criticism, with Kenyans pointing out that it is putting the lives of reporters in danger.

On July 20, the comedian went to see Juma while in jail and comforted him.

He also brought some food, and he made a vow to assist in securing his release.

After the Eric did his best and eventually fulfilled all the requirements for his release on July 21, Juma walked away to freedom.

“Victor Juma is finally free! Been a long day, but he is finally out! We are doing a fundraiser for him and his daughter, who was teargassed and needs medical attention from 8 pm on my Instagram and Facebook Live.” he said

The comedian fulfilled his promise and helped Juma’s family to raise cash by rallying his IG followers to send money to Juma, and in a few hours, they raised Ksh 400,000.


” The money will be used to pay Medical Bills for him and his daughter. He will open an exhibition shop for clothes and shoes. His wife will start a small hotel business. Rent for one year. School fees for two years for the daughter. I will advertise his businesses for free.” Eric assured


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