Shorn Arwa set to undergo breast reduction surgery

Shorn Arwa set to undergo breast reduction surgery.

UK based content creator, Shorn Arwa has shared her plans on undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Sharing on IG stories, she said she is confused about undergoing the surgery now since alot has changed.

She revealed that she always wanted to have one child and have a whole makeover after the baby turns one but now her friends are advising her to breastfeed until her baby turns 18 months.

“I have been thinking of getting my boobs done as soon as my baby is one but now that’s almost time a little scared. Also I have been seeking advice most people recommended breastfeeding until at least 18 months so I have to wait.” she wrote

The difficulty in making a decision is also influenced by her Nigerian husband who she claims loves children.

“The truth is that I always wanted just 1 baby (that’s if I ever wanted) then I get a whole mommy makeover but our oga loves babies so am kinda having a dilemma.”she added

The content creator cleared that her plan to have a surgery is not because she hates her body, but she is facing difficulties dressing a big body especially the boobs.


“Ohh let me clarify please my body is so beautiful and I love love it I just don’t know what to do with a big body ..I struggle dressing it up at times more so the top.” she said


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