Eve Mungai
Eve Mungai

Eve Mungai Accused by KDF Ex-Boyfriend of ‘Using Him’ for Money

Eve Mungai Accused by KDF Ex-Boyfriend of ‘Using Him’ for Money.

Youtuber Eve Mungai’s ex-boyfriend has come out and strongly accused the media personality of using him. The frustrated ex says he struggled to make sure Mungai recorded her first 30 YouTube Videos, using his phone only for her to block him.

He further says that he used to buy lunch for the guys Eve used to interview back in the day and even paid rent for the YouTuber for 5 months before she became famous. The video comes a few days after Eve gave a tour of her refurbished apartment in the posh suburbs of Nairobi.

According to him, his grievances arise from Eve’s decision to block him after all the trouble he went through and now he wants to be paid for all the costs he bore. He says Eve blocked him after becoming famous reiterating how he wants back the tablet he bought her.

The law enforcement officer also says Mungai used to cheat on her with a guy based in Utawala, After which she started creating issues in their relationship so as to break up, on realizing she had started earning money from YouTube.


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