Google Denies Rumors of Gmail Shutdown, Service “Here to Stay”

Rumors claiming the popular email service Gmail is shutting down have been circulating online, but Google has officially refuted these claims.

The false information, which spread widely on social media, prompted Google to publicly assure users that Gmail is “here to stay.”

Concerns arose after a post on X (formerly Twitter) claimed Gmail would be closing in August. This post, viewed more than seven million times, sparked panic among users.

However, Google swiftly took to the same platform to debunk the hoax.

This incident highlights the dangers of misinformation spreading online, especially with limited tools and processes for fact-checking.

While Google acknowledges the challenges of tackling misinformation, it emphasizes its commitment to both combating hate speech and protecting free speech.

It is important to note that the hoax appears to have stemmed from a genuine 2023 email sent by Google regarding the discontinuation of the basic HTML view, an outdated version of the platform.

This email was misinterpreted to imply the complete shutdown of Gmail.

Despite the hoax, it’s true that Google has closed down some services in recent years, including Stadia, YouTube Stories, and inactive Gmail accounts.

However, Gmail remains the world’s most popular email service with over 1.5 billion active users, and Google has no plans to discontinue it.

This incident underscores the importance of verifying information online before sharing it and highlights the ongoing struggle of social media platforms to curb the spread of misinformation.


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