Guinness Launches Innovative Beer Serving Machine, ProServe

Guinness has proudly introduced new Guinness ProServe, a game-changer for beer lovers in Kenya.

This innovative machine ensures flawless pouring, every time.

Simply insert your chilled Guinness can, pull the lever, and let the ProServe work its magic.

“Watch as it tilts the glass at the perfect angle, releasing the rich, dark liquid in a stunning two-part pour, culminating in a thick, creamy head. Experience the creamy, fresh taste of a perfect Guinness in seconds at select bars across Nairobi!” The firm noted.

Global Head of Guinness Quality, Steve Gilsenan, personally marked the launch in Kenya, celebrating this monumental breakthrough.

He noted, “The ProServe utilizes cutting-edge ultrasonic pulse technology, pioneered in Kenya, to create an unprecedentedly smooth and creamy head. This innovation delivers a sensory experience unlike any other.”

Guinness Shopper Marketing Manager, Duncan Onwong’a, expresses his excitement: “We’re eager to share this with consumers! The magic of Guinness lies in its perfect temperature, tilt, and slow pour, unlocking its complex flavors. The ProServe delivers this experience effortlessly, automatically, and with a touch of excitement. We can’t wait to see you enjoy a perfect Guinness at K1, BND, Bar XO, Kengeles, and Geco!”


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