Highlights of The Kenya Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Society Bill 2023

The Kenya Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Society Bill 2023 aims to establish a professional body , the Kenya Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Society (RSK)  to regulate and promote the development and application of robotics and AI technologies in Kenya.

The bill’s key provisions are:

Establishment of the RSK: The Society would act as a regulatory body, overseeing licensing, ethical standards, and research initiatives within the Kenyan robotics and AI landscape.

Licensing and registration: All entities involved in robotics or AI activities would require registration and licensing by the RSK. Non-compliance could lead to fines and imprisonment.

Focus on ethical development: The Bill emphasizes responsible and ethical use of these technologies, prioritizing human safety, security, privacy, data protection, accountability, and inclusivity.

Promotion of research and development: The RSK would encourage research and collaboration in the field, aiming to advance national competitiveness.

The Bill was introduced in November 2023 and is currently under review by the Public Petitions Committee before going to the National Assembly for debate and possible enactment.

It has faced criticism from some industry stakeholders who raised concerns about inadequate consultation, potential stifling of innovation, and over-emphasis on regulation over support.

Balancing innovation with responsible development and public safety is crucial. The Bill represents a significant step towards regulating the fast-evolving field of robotics and AI in Kenya.


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