Home DNA Test Kit Sparks Hot Debate

Home DNA Test Kit Sparks Hot Debate.

Home DNA testing kit is the latest news that is taking Kenyans by storm. The realization that it will only cost sh800 to buy the kit elicited a lot of different reactions.

Medical professionals are however setting the record straight to everyone, according to KEMRI, the sh800 is just to collect the sample.

Anyone who wants to use it will have to pay much more to have the sample tested in a laboratory.

The costs range from 10,000 to around 12,000, even sometimes upto sh25,000 in different facilities, and is especially more expensive in a private facility.

The results are made to be confidential and are available in about 3-10 business days depending on the complexity of the case.

You have to provide info about the number of children who are being tested. Also, this applies to the number of men in question. this pushes your cost even higher if they are many.

You will need to provide your email and phone number when you go to any facility for the test. Most of the times DNA tests can be for legal or personal purpose.

The matter of DNA testing became talk of town back in 2019 when Kakamega twins Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo sought to find out if they were actually blood sisters.

The two identical girls were being raised by different parents in different cities, they were shocked by the discovery of the physical similarities between the girls.

The matter has once again gained attraction after the cost and availability of the kit became news on Monday, January 9.


The type of test chosen depends on what you intend to use the DNA test for.

Several testing options are made available in a situation where the alleged father is missing or died a while back.The test can be performed without the mother.

A motherless test requires more extensive analysis to produce conclusive results, but the results are said to be accurate as those done in a facility.

Doctors don’t just require saliva samples. You can also use a range of tissues which includes; blood, bones, teeth and hair, etc.


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