How Wash Wash business killed Kevin Omwenga

First things first, what is Wash-Wash? Wash -Wash is an illegal business that people engage in to make money legit, that which has been obtained in illegal ways such as illegal printing of money, fraud money and illegal tenders. In an expose’ done by blogger Edgar Obare, it has come to light how Kevin Omwenga was involved in the illegal and dangerous Wash-Wash business.

The business is very underground with the Wash-Wash community preferring to remain anonymous.Well, thanks to Edgar Obare, Not anymore. Some of the names and faces behind the business have been revealed with several public figures in the mention.

The expose’ did not stop there as people came out to explain how the business works.

A source linked to the Wash-Wash business explained why Kevin Omwenga met his fate. Kevin Omwenga’s brother who was to be a witness in his case was also later killed to interfere with the revelations that the ongoing case would have led to. The Wash-Waah community is known to ‘erase’ those who interfere with the network that makes their business succeed.

Anyway, the source revealed that Kevin Omwenga tried to shift from the main Wash-gang and venture into the business solo, which did not make the others happy.

Kevin Omwenga showing off his expensive car

It has also come out that Kevin Omwenga had revealed top secret information of the Wash-Wash business to his girlfriend, who later got into a relationship with another gang member. The Wash- Wash gang is said to have a lot of influence that they got ‘big cops'(DCI) in their pockets. This has been shown by most of the gang members who are involved in serious ongoing cases but are still walking free.

He also said that the controversial shooting incident of Babu Owino made him get cut-off , as it was not good for the business. Investigations would have been carried out and questioning would have revealed some of his links to the business.

Aside from that, Kevin Omwenga’s Financier who is also a rich politician and business man was revealed. The Wash-Wash business has also been realized to be international especially with Nigerians who are most widely known for being scammers.

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