Amber Ray confirms she is very much single, and not searching

The socialite come business woman Amber Ray has confirmed that she is single and not searching.Taking to her instagram Amber Ray decided to post on her insta stories a segment for people to ask her anything. In the session someone asked Amber Ray if she was still dating Jamal.

Amber Ray responded by saying that she is very much single and added that she is not searching. Maybe her relationship with Jamal had serious side effects. How would we know?

Anyway, Amber Ray has been involved in relationship dramas for a long time as she dates publicly. In previous relationships before dating Jamal, Amber was also controversial in her relationship with a married politician. The drama between Amber’s relationship with Jamal and his wife is the most recent and did not end well.

Amber was married by Jamal as a second wife but without the knowledge of the first wife. This sparked the outrage of the first wife and the drama was witnessed all over social media since the moment Amber Ray posted a picture of her internal marriage ceremony with Jamal.

Amber Ray and Jamal had not been married for even a year when all of a sudden the relationship ended. The last stroke was when Amber Ray and Amira went on their instagram live airing the drama that was happening in their estate. The two lived in the same estate, just houses away but at the moment Amber has moved citing safety issued back at her estate.

Anyway the drama that aired between Amber Ray and Amira(Jimal’s first wife) was the talk of the town for days.The drama led to discussions on several topics relationships as they remained on trending for days on social media. There were discussions on whether it is okay for a man to marry a second wife without informing or getting the consent of the first wife. What do you think?

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