Huddah shares receipts of what she gets paid

Socialite Huddah Monroe shares proof she’s being paid ksh1 Million for club appearances

Socialite Huddah Monroe has shared receipts as proof that she is being paid Ksh 1 Million for Club Appearances.

She shared a cheque she received as payment after making an appearance in one club at Nairobi.


She decided to go on her Instagram to brag about her rate card saying she can’t host club events in Kenya if she is not paid $10,000 ever.

“RICH P energy ….. After getting my Kshs 999,000 cheque !Who is badder ? See y’all on SUNDAY @club_gemini_official …..GlowOnGirl!” she wrote.

Huddah shared the cheque after revealing that she had found a club willing to pay her just like her rate card that she had displayed a while back.

“Y’all remember I said I can only host a club in Kenya if they pay $10,000 for 2 hours? Sit back and wait for the location.”she said.

This comes years after she had quit amid claims promoters don’t pay influencers their actual worth.

She then even made a long post saying that she would rather stay off social scene than accept lower payment.


Huddah returned to Kenya from Dubai a while back and announced that she will be partying across various towns before she turns a year older this year.


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