Akothee claims Nyako caused her TikTok account to be suspended

Akothee claims Nyako caused her TikTok account to be suspended.

Musician and entrepreneur Akothee has blamed Nyako’s Followers for her TikTok account and of her alleged lover Nelly Oaks being suspended.

She claimed that Nyako’s Followers had reported her account after her online fight with the TikToker.

She had joined Tik Tok days ago and went ahead to send a message claiming to be the new queen in town.

However, Nyako did not take the message lightly and went ahead to call out the mother of five for her failed relationships, the two then had a nasty exchange of words on the platform.

Nyako posted a video filled with insults, challenging Akothee to a verbal showdown on the popular social media platform.

Nyako alleges that she found videos of Akothee indirectly throwing shade at her, sparking the online altercation.

In the video, Nyako went to great lengths, using slur words to address Akothee.

Akothee’s account did not last long and she was suspended for a few days. She shared that her suspension and that of Nelly Oaks was caused by jealousy.

“I don’t know if I was to seek permission to join my own life with my phone with my fans or Is this some big joke. Kwani who owns this App? Ama watu wako na shares tujue tunanunue ngapi. The jealousy became uncontrollable, people sent me videos of me being warned not to join TikTok and that I should stick to Facebook and Instagram. Just for your information, both my account and Nelly Oak’s accounts were reported and suspended. That’s how bad jealousy and insecurity can go. We shall be back live on the 25th of November suspension ikiisha.” she said

“I will not be stopped by anyone to be on any social media page.” she added


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