Jimal Rohosafi and Amira
Jimal Rohosafi and Amira

Jimal roho safi and ex wife Amira drama

Jimal roho safi and Amira start an online rant about each other

Jamal Roho Safi has claimed that his now ex wife Amira is a liar who went to his Instagram account to post a public apology to herself making it look like he had writen the apology.

“The apology message in my Instagram page was not me who wrote it. It was her who wrote it and sent it to me before sharing it in my social media.” he said.

He went to further to explain that he apologized to Amira after the drama that happened with Amber Ray but she wanted a public apology similar to the one made by Harmonize to Kajala.

“I gave her my phone. She told me since I had embarrassed her publicly, she also wanted me to apologize in public. It was not me who wrote that apology.” he exclaimed.

According to Jimal, his apology was from the heart but Amira wanted to make everything public.

She wrote an apology on her WhatsApp page then sent it to him and then posted it using his social Instagram.

In August of 2022, an apology was posted on Jamal’s social media about him pleading with Amira to take him back months after their public separation.

Through a post on his Instagram, the Chairman of the Association of Matatu operators said he has been hurting for some time and cannot continue causing Amira any more pain.

“If I’m being honest, this hasn’t been easy for me to write. Out here I may seem okay but deep down I’m broken and I can no longer continue to live like this.” he said.

Jimal admitted that he had failed as a man and apologized for all the embarrassment he had caused her then.

He said he had decided to change his ways, calling it a first step towards mending their relationship.


However, in a surprising twist of events, Amira seemed to not be contented with the apology as she revealed that it took her back to the darkest place she has ever been.

Responding to Jamal’s revelation, Amira shared screenshots of Jamal begging her to help him with the apology.

She also shared proof that she was pregnant after Jimal claimed she was lying about everything she said.


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