Is Trevor Ombija the hottest bachelor in Kenya?

The ‘Monday Report’ news anchor has had girls drooling over him lately. He recently uploaded photos of him next to the beach, shirtless. Kenyan girls could not overlook his defined physique whose six pack was most outstanding.

The media personality had just revealed that he was newly single, but so are his admirers who flocked his comment section to let him know.

Trevor says that his toned body did not come easy in any way. “I go to the gym 3 or 4 times in a week, but I do it as a hobby. If you do it as a hobby it’s much easier than doing it as a routine. It’s not photoshop, it’s real.”  

In an interview with Mpasho the journalist spilled some beans on his admirers saying;

“It is intense, many people whom I was with at campus have been sending me messages about the same thing. People express themselves more boldly this time than way back. 

They send messages like can I be your girlfriend.. take you out for dinner… take you out for coffee..I appreciate it. I don’t take it beyond that.” 

He added that he tries to respond to all positive messages but sometimes it may take longer, which makes his fans angry.

“I don’t have a manager, I do it myself. Sometimes it takes a bit longer and people get upset.”

Trevor also talked about some of the messages that he ignores which are from his obsessed fans who send noods.

“People send you n**es all the time, I am sure I am not the only one who goes through this. Those ones I don’t respond to. That’s extreme, I ignore it.”

It is safe to say that Trevor has some crazy admirers, but do you think he serves the title, ‘hottest bachelor in Kenya’ justice?

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