I have anxiety issues : Actress Brenda Wairimu reveals

Actress Brenda wairimu and Juliani’s baby mama,has come out to reveal that she is battling anxiety. Through an Instagram live, the mother of one has revealed that she hasn’t been able to sleep for two days. In the video, she is heard asking her fans whether they face the same thing and how they manage it. This is coming barely two weeks after her tweet that she posted on Twitter about how she was cheated on.
Brenda knew after the live video all eyes would be on her. She made it clear that she was not aware of why she was having the anxiety attacks and the sleepless nights.
Last week, she was trending after revealing how she found out she was being cheated on.Even though she has said that Juliani trending is not part of her anxiety, fans don’t want to believe that. Everyone feels like it is all connected to him. Juliani responded to the tweet and said that he would never fight with the mother of her child. Before that, he had tweeted saying that most people won’t agree to the fact that they might also be wrong.”Nimenotice wasee wanatry Ku connect my tweet na hiyo ya B! Mtangoja sana niki fight mother mtoi kwangu kwa hizi app”
That is when fans decided to come to a conclusion that Juliani cheated on Brenda. Her post has since been deleted but thanks to Twitter-in-laws, so many people had already taken the screenshot of the tweet.
Why did she delete it? ,well we dont know.The two broke up but no one really knows why the two decided to call it quits. Whether Juliani cheated or not, only Brenda knows the truth.

Juliani was linked to Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga’s split after photos of them hanging out were shared online by the tea master. Lillian added salt to the injury when she decided to post a photo with Juliani wishing him a happy birthday. The comment section blew up with fans speculating that he took Mutua’s place.The reason Brenda went live was to get help and know how those who are battling anxiety manage it. From the comment section, fans tried to help .It seems like a lot to deal with especially after she revealed that she has been fine and her life has been peaceful.

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