John Matara Detained For 7 Days

John Matara Detained For 7 Days.


The prime suspect in the murder of socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi will remain in police custody for the next seven days as detectives conclude their investigations before formally charging him with the crime.


John Matara, the suspect, appeared before Makadara Law Court Senior Resident Magistrate Mercy Kivuti on Friday, January 26.


The magistrate approved the prosecution’s request to keep him in custody for an additional seven days, citing the need for mental assessment—a mandatory procedure for murder suspects.


Matara is scheduled to enter a plea on Friday, February 2, as Wahu’s family members observed the court proceedings.


Matara, who had rented a short-term stay apartment in the area, had invited Wahu, whom he met on a dating site, to the residence for a night out.


He was apprehended at Mbagathi Hospital shortly after allegedly stabbing Wahu in the South B apartment in Nairobi.


Matara informed the police that a disagreement with the woman had escalated into a fatal altercation within the room.


The discovery of Wahu’s lifeless body on the morning of January 4 at the apartment’s fourth floor prompted the watchman to report the male suspect fleeing with bloodstained clothes.


The premises owner, who had leased the property to Wahu and Matara for the night, used a spare key to unlock the house, revealing the distressing scene of the deceased sprawled on the floor.


Matara had also sent a message to the property owner, hinting at something troubling within the apartment.


Upon reaching the location, Makadara detectives found Wahu’s body in a pool of blood, indicating a struggle and an attempt to seek help.


Examination of the body revealed a stab wound near the left ear, a deep cut on the right thigh, and a human bite mark on the left arm.


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