Joy of Machachari reveals challenges she experienced before landing a new role

Joy of Machachari speaks on challenges she’s faced in her career as an Actress.

Kenyan actress Joy Ohon opened up on struggling to find an acting role after leaving TV show, Machachari.

In a post on her IG, she opened up on being on the verge of giving up after being rejected so many times.

The actress revealed that the only reason she kept pushing on was because of the support she got from her parents and friends from her circle.


“My acting career begun at Machachari before it plateaued. Honestly, dealing with rejection after rejection really demoralized me. My parents and circle however kept encouraging me how talented I am, I held on to the little hope I would summon, but guys it was running out! ” she said

“On 2nd March 2023 in the evening I was with my closest friend @mkull.s when I decided to finally record the monologue for Salem. I told her let’s just pray about this before we start, we took over 6 tapes and I was getting frustrated cause this girl was like “eh Rubi is mean and sassy be more sassy !” And I literally wanted to beat her , I remember just giving her the phone to send one clip and delete the message, because again I was not ready for rejection.” she added

Weeks after sending the Audio, she received a call that she had gotten the role and since that day, everything changed especially her perspective on life.

” I muted and deleted the chat, I was even about to block the number until Audrey asked me when you block the number how will you know if you have gotten the role? Afterwards I just went home…weeks later they called me and told me “You got the role for Rubi”. With those words I promised myself this year I will invest in myself and my craft , I will allow rejection to teach me a lesson and not to define me ! and that everyday I will be thankful for this opportunity in Salem.” she added


Her new character Rubi, Joy says has taught her to choose herself without caring about what people say.

She thanked her family and friends for being there for her even when things were tough.


“Anyways this is just a start to celebrating great things to come. The little things matter ! Don’t give up , own it , grow with it , keep on going . Catch me on Salem 🥳 RUBI IS A GEM💎,” she finalized


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