Noti Flow declares undying love for ex as she lets go of their toxic relationahip

Noti Flow breaks up with long time girlfriend King Alami.

Rapper Noti Flow has shared an emotional message on her IG, dedicating to her ex girlfriend King Alami.

The rapper revealed that she is not going back to her and she has finally accepted they were never meant to be together.

She shared that she has genuinely released King Alami because they loved each other too much that their love became poisonous.

” It took me many days, weeks months to accept the fact that we can’t and we’ll never work despite the fact that we have so much love for each other. It took me a while to come to the understanding that if I don’t release you from my heart, I will keep hurting myself, you and a number of innocent rebounds, today I genuinely released you, my heart is no longer heavy for you.” she wrote

She revealed that the best thing that has ever happened to her was meeting King Alami since she taught her how to love, persevere and grow.

She however said she does not regret being in a relationship with her and she will forever be grateful sing King Alami brought so much color into her life.

In June, Noti Flow and King Alami revealed they were back together.

The two showed fans their love on social media and kenyans couldn’t help but congratulate them.

Their on and off relationship seems to be over and the two have decided to go separate ways.


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