KCB Foundation Donates Laptops to 240 Students in its Scholars Program

The KCB Foundation has provided laptops to 240 university students from its 2022 KCSE cohort as part of its Scholars program.

This initiative aims to support their higher education studies, improve their digital literacy skills, and empower them for success in the modern job market.

Director of the KCB Foundation, Mendi Njonjo highlighted the program’s focus on aiding vulnerable and marginalized learners, emphasizing the importance of education in improving their quality of life and accessing opportunities.

Additionally, students were introduced to the Ajira digital program and Google opportunities through a panel discussion, which aimed to expand their understanding of digital job prospects.

The students received training on leveraging digital innovations for education and bridging the gap between traditional and modern teaching methods.

The KCB Foundation offers a comprehensive scholarship package covering various expenses, including fee payment, uniforms, transport, and assistive devices for students with disabilities.

The foundation piloted a student athletic program aligned with the Competency-Based Curriculum, benefiting 50 student-athletes who received scholarships and athletics coaching.

Annually, the program targets 1,000 bright students from underprivileged backgrounds, with slots allocated to Persons with Disabilities and girls.

It ensures 100% transition to higher education institutions via tertiary scholarships for all scholars from the 2022 class onwards.

Since its establishment in 2007, the KCB Foundation Education Scholarship program has supported 5,675 students, with 3,715 currently in Forms 1 to 4.


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