How to Participate in LG “Life’s Good Challenge” in Kenya

LG Electronics has kicked off the “Life’s Good Challenge” in Kenya, inviting all residents to participate by sharing their experiences of how LG products have positively impacted their lives.

The challenge aims to celebrate the meaningful ways in which LG products have enhanced the daily lives of consumers across Kenya.

Whether it’s a heartwarming tale of how an LG appliance made cooking easier, a testimonial about the convenience of an LG smartphone, or a story highlighting the joy brought by an LG TV, all submissions are welcome.

Participants can join the challenge by visiting the Life’s Good Zone microsite or LG’s official website to submit their stories.

Entries should include a written narrative detailing the experience, along with relevant photos, videos, or gifs to illustrate the story.

Entries will be judged based on criteria such as creativity, sincerity, and the ability to effectively convey the positive impact of LG products.

Participants can also earn bonus points by sharing their submissions on social media platforms with relevant hashtags and encouraging engagement from their followers. The more engagement received, the higher the chances of winning.

Exciting prizes await the winners of the Life’s Good Challenge, with prizes such as LG Neochef Microwave ovens up for grabs.

The winners will be announced on LG’s social media channels, adding an element of anticipation to the challenge.


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