Canada based Kenyan nurse Hellen Wendy
Canada based Kenyan nurse Hellen Wendy

Kenyan drowns in Canada while on Facebook Live

Kenyan drowns in Canada while on Facebook Live.

A Kenyan woman named Wendy Hellen who died in a swimming pool in Canada has gone viral. Wendy died while on Facebook live. In the distressing video, Wendy greeted her followers before things went sideways.

“Hi there, how are you? It’s two o’clock here, I have just arrived home from work… I am doing okay, just having some fun,” Wendy said.

The woman identified in the video as Hellen Wendy was reportedly enjoying her day after work when she started a live stream on Facebook.

Just seconds after jumping into the pool, Wendy was chatting with friends on her Facebook page.

Wendy looked cheerful and bright while chatting with her friends in her fancy-colored swimming costume.

She was diving from one end of the pool to the other and then coming back to the edge as she answered messages from her friends who were watching.

According to Wendy’s Facebook profile, she was a Toronto-based nurse.

Before someone arrived and saved Wendy, her live session had been going on for three hours. She made her final dive into what seemed to be the pool’s deep end in the eleventh minute.

Then Wendy began to struggle for breath and screamed for aid, pleading with her to swim away from the peril. She made the final sound before everything became silent at 11:54.

Wendy loved swimming and spending time with her family, according to her Facebook profile.

Since then, words of sympathy have been sent from friends and relatives.

Vayonah, one of her cousins, paid her respect and that she will always miss her.

“I cannot believe you are gone. Am gonna miss you dear cousin. May your soul rest in peace.”


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