Kenyan Influencer Startup, Wowzi Selected for Diageo’s Growth Accelerator Program

Wowzi has been selected to participate in Diageo PLC’s inaugural growth accelerator program, Fusion by Diageo.

This program aims to identify and collaborate with innovative startups to develop next-generation digital products that enhance consumer experiences.

Wowzi, founded in 2020, connects brands with creators for influencer marketing campaigns.

Fusion by Diageo is a 13-week program for growth-stage startups, offering coaching and expertise to co-develop digital products with Diageo.

The first edition, themed “Celebrate at Home,” focuses on transforming how consumers discover brands and connect in their own spaces.

Wowzi will collaborate with 16 other startups to explore use of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR_ to personalize home experiences.

Up to five concepts will be chosen for piloting after the program.

This marks a major step for Wowzi in scaling its innovative approach to digital marketing globally. The program provides valuable resources and collaboration opportunities with East African Breweries PLC (EABL).

Also, it signifies Diageo’s commitment to external innovation and transforming consumer experiences.


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