Musician Akothee advices single mothers

Musician Akothee advices single mothers.

Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Akothee has advised single mothers to strive to have their own money.

In a post, the 43-year-old noted that a woman with her own house, her own gate, and her own car has more freedom in her life.

She pointed out that having wealth gives a woman respect, not only for herself, but she also gets respect from men.

“A woman who owns her house knows where her heart is. A woman with her gate knows where her mind is. A woman with her car knows where she is going. She can go at any time, she can also come back at any time,” she said.

“Single mothers, this is the only way to earn respect not only from men but also for yourself. A sweet little house where you run to hide when the world is going down, a place where you hide your children from the world’s troubles.” she continued.

The mother of five advised single mothers to think about themselves first before doing things for men because of love.

She gave an example of her broken marriage to explain the importance of a woman having her own property and not depending on any man.

“Before you take a loan to build your own business, build your house first, soul. Let the blood run wild, love later. Don’t you see that I have been left with a house of pigs, pigs, chickens, and the rest? If I were to live with him? What would I leave with if not only the freedom bag?” she wrote

Akothee also told her fans not to imitate her ways of life but to learn from her actions. She seems to have rekindled her great friendship with her manager Nelly Oaks.

This is after her marriage to Omosh was a fail just two months after their wedding.


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