KRG The Don warns Stevo Simple boy 

KRG The Don warns Stevo Simple boy

Dancehall artist KRG the Don has blasted artist Stevo Simple Boy for claiming he doesn’t know him.

Stevo simple boy had shared on his Instagram stories that he has been tagged a lot alongside the artist but doesn’t understand why they are being compared at all musically.

“Sio kwa ubaya ama nini. KRG ni nani. Nimetagiwa sana kwenye Insta na mbona tunapiganishwa kimiziki.” he wrote.

However the comment did not sit well with KRG the Don who responded to the Kibra born star.

In an interview KRG said Stevo Simple Boy should not have started a fight with him since he is a big artist and Stivo can never compare to his level.

He told Stevo to respect him or else he will regret it in future.

” Stevo you are so small in my eyes. If I were to compare you, the only job I would give you is as a scarecrow in my Shamba. Because your face is scary and you shouldn’t be comparing yourself with a handsome boy like me.” he said.

He added that Stevo has a long way to go and the fact that they have never met means Stevo is still struggling to make it musically.

He advised Stevo that if he continues insulting him, he will bring an end to his music career.


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