Akothee talks about rivalry with younger sister

Akothee reveals her sister was against their dad coming to her wedding.

Musician Akothee has shared about her ongoing sibling rivalry and events that transpired days before her wedding with husband Omosh.https://sirikali.com/akothee-holds-a-lavish-bridal-shower/

In an interview, Akothee shared that when she announced about her wedding with Omosh, her sister Cebbie Koks made it look like Akothee was sabotaging her upcoming wedding and managed to convince everyone that Akothee was an evil person.

“When I announced my wedding, my brothers took it somehow, I think she convinced everyone that there was no wedding according to what I heard. That there is no wedding, I just want to spoil her wedding.” she said.

The business woman turned musician revealed that she did not attend her sister’s wedding because she did not apologize for hurting her but she supported her children who attended and graced the event.

According to her, some of her siblings adamantly refused to let their father attend her wedding.

One of her brothers had declared, “Over my dead body will dad attend that wedding!”

However, Akothee’s determination and love for her father would not allow this to happen.https://sirikali.com/akothee-wants-to-be-married-in-her-700k-wedding-dress/

Akothee expressed her love and gratitude towards her father, she revealed the extent of her care for him.

She added that, unfortunately, circumstances beyond her control have distanced her from her father, and her siblings are partly to blame.



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