Linet Toto
Linet Toto

Linet Toto accused of employing her family members and squashing county money

Linet Toto accused of nepotism

Bomet women rep Linet Toto has been sued at the Employment and Labor Relations Court in Nairobi. She was taken to court by two Bomet residents accusing her of nepotism.

According to the suit filed by Collins Barno and Stanley Kiprotich, Toto was accused of favoring her immediate family members when hiring staff at her office.

When making their filing, the two revealed that 6 out of 15 members of staff hired by the Member of Parliament are relatives.

Barno and Kiprotich argued that she did not adhere to the tenets of the constitution that require transparency, merit, and integrity when making appointments.

The appointments also went against the constitutional requirement of the two third gender rule according to the petitioners.

“While employing her family members she also ignored gender principle which is since there are only three women out of fifteen staff members,” the papers said..

The complainants also told the court that Linet was using her relatives to steal county resources and money..

“The six relatives are being paid Ksh612,000 out of Ksh811,000 allocated for staff salaries,” the accusation stated.

The six alleged family members occupy the following positions; County manager office of woman representative, deputy manager, county coordinator, field officer, communications officer, and medical personnel.

The petitioners asked the court to remove the relatives from the work place as it was illegal.

“Unless the said appointments are quashed by an order of the court, it will set a bad precedent in the country, where public institutions and appointments will be made unlawfully and irregularly,” they argued.

This comes just a day after the Bomet Woman Rep caused a stir online after insulted Azimio Leader Raila Odinga over his incessant call for demonstrations against the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Raila Odinga started demonstrations before I was born and it is high time he called off those rallies as they are not beneficial to the country,” she said.


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