Rihanna expecting another baby

Rihanna expecting second baby

Singer Rihanna and American Rapper ASAP Rocky are Expecting Their Second baby sooner than we expected.

Rihanna unveiled a baby bump while performing at the Halftime Show at the State Farm Stadium, which had marked her first live performance in over six years.

Rihanna showed the big reveal in the opening moment of her performance, she rubbed her stomach and left the zipper of her outfit down.

This will be her second pregnancy in less than a year since she welcomed her first child with ASAP Rocky, 34, in May 2022.

They have chosen to not disclose their child’s name, nor posted their first born son on social media extensively. They gave fans their first glimpse of son in December last year but have not shown any pictures again.

Rihanna made headlines with her first pregnancy, sporting avant-garde outfits that redefined for many what maternity fashion could look like.

Rihanna had revealed in March 2020 that she wants to have three or four kids within the next 10 years

“I know I will want to live differently,……I’ll have kids three or four of ’em.” She said.



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