Men Like Wasting Women’s Time – Mr Seed

Men Like Wasting Women’s Time – Mr Seed.


A widely circulated video features Mr Seed in an interview discussing the intentional time-wasting behavior of men in relationships, sparking a lively debate among both men and women on whether this strategy is reasonable or not. Mr Seed’s Wife Nimo Unable to Answer to Baby Daddy Drama


The video, shared on Based Podcast several days ago, captures the Gospel singer’s perspective that deliberately wasting someone’s time is a calculated decision.


According to Mr Seed, men are conscious of when they are using a woman as a temporary placeholder while awaiting the arrival of their true love.


He suggests that some men adopt a passive stance in relationships to bide their time. The opinions on this viewpoint have been sharply divided, prompting a spirited discussion about the ethical implications of such behavior.


“Let me tell you, we men we have brains. I can be with you in a relationship for like 3 years do you understand? Just three years of me looking at you knowing very well you don’t have what I want” He said.

Seed further emphasizes that, during this entire period, a man has already decided to marry someone else.


According to him, men often misrepresent their intentions or conceal their uncertainty about the relationship until they abruptly end it without any prior warning.


“So niko hapo and then one day you wake up and find the n** has already organized a wedding because this girl has already assumed she was a trophy. We have other female friends right? Among those friends, we check among them to see who is wife material. Maybe it’s even your best friend. “


The response from Kenyans was vehement, with many criticizing men for subjecting women to emotional limbo during their crucial childbearing years.


People called on men to be forthright about their intentions from the outset, urging them to communicate any reservations about the relationship early on instead of prolonging uncertainty for women.


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