Brian Chira reveals he’s in love with Mulamwah

Brian Chira reveals he’s in love with Mulamwah.

Tiktoker Brian Chira has expressed his love interest to Kenyan comedian Mulamwah.

Chira shared on his insta stories a photo of Mulamwah captioning it with

” Me Nakutaka”

This comes barely day’s after Chira expressed his frustrations after Mulamwah refused to take a photo with him.

Chira was at The National Theatre when he met the comedian at the venue.

However, when Chira approached him for a picture Mulamwah declined .

According to Chira, Mulamwah said he didn’t want to be seen with him as he is too scandalous.

This angered Chira who took to his frequent live sessions to rant about the entire situation.

He expressed his anger towards him and reminded Mulamwah that he still has a long way to go.

The Tiktoker added that he knew Mulamwah before he became famous and he contributed to his fame.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Mulamwah revealed why he refused to take a selfie with the popular tiktoker.

Mulamwah said that people like Chira forget that whatever they do on social media sticks and is used to define who they are in real life.

Mulamwah said he will never associate with people who do bad things on social media such as the things Chira does on lives.

Mulamwah added that the young generation on TikTok need to learn alot so that the fame they claim to have can help them.

He added that he can create content with Chira once he corrects his mistakes.


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