Mulamwah Introduces New Girlfriend
Mulamwah Introduces New Girlfriend

Mulamwah reveals the cost of constructing his mansion

Mulamwah talks about how much he has spent so far on the construction of his mansion.

Kenyan content creator Mulamwah has shared updates on the construction of his multimillion mansion in Kitale.

Speaking in an interview, Mulamwah said so far he has spent over Ksh 4.9 Million.

The comedian said that initially the construction was not so expensive but suddenly prices of materials went up and the project became expensive.

” When the price of the dollar rose, the construction materials became expensive even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is also big so that’s why it has cost me that much.” he said.

The construction of the House began late last year in June last year.

“It is step by step. Run your own pace. Be insulted, be despised, but don’t give up. You just focus on your destination. Put God first and work hard. At least at the moment, if you get angry you can go upstairs.” he wrote.

Giving hope to his fans. Congratulations to him.


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