Nairofey shows Pricy Ring Yeforian Got Her

Nairofey shows Pricy Ring Yeforian Got Her.


Nairofey’s dream for an amaizing wedding ring finally came true a few days ago when she shared a video with the ring on her finger.


She shared details about the ring and how much it means alot to her.


“It is a 3’5 carat radiant cut moissanite engagement ring hidden halo pave ring,” she described it.


“I’m just showing you my new wedding ring. I have been having it on my bucket list and to finally actually own it is such a big deal to me,” She added.



“I picked my dream ring, and I had some specifications I wanted. This new ring means so much to me. This ring was going for 1,110 USD,”



She said that she would not be wearing it all the time in Kenya, for fear it would be stolen from her at any moment.


“I will not be wearing it to run errands to risky places, what if someone just snatches it off my finger?”



“We wanted to do it officially with hubby because I’m transitioning from my normal wedding ring to now this one. So that it can have meaning. that is my wedding ring. So we went out for dinner.” Yeforian revealed.


“You don’t just put any ring on your wife’s finger. It has to be something special. It has to be something precious and unique and I believe this is the ring I would be proud of putting on my wife’s finger.”


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