Natalie Tewa
Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa’s new bae exposed

Natalie Tewa’s new bae exposed.

Former YouTuber Natalie Tewa has been in the limelight for a while now. She rose to quick fame when a viral video was released showing her involved in an intense fight with her then-boyfriend R-Naze. After Natalie’s break-up with her ex-boyfriend, She has found her relationship life in public more than once.

Natalie was the talk of the town when it was revealed that she was in a relationship with Mombasa Governor Joho. The controversial relationship between the two sparked a social media debate after blogger Edgar Obare was arrested for showing Natalie’s passport, which indicated she had traveled to Dubai with the politician.

Later it came to light that she was the one who had sued the blogger, confirming the numerous speculations that she was indeed dating the Governor of Mombasa. After some time the hype around Natalie’s relationship died down and it was later discovered that Natalie and Joho had broken up. The media around the whole relationship was too much for Natalie as she has not posted a YouTube video since.

The vlogger has been spotted in the coast of Kenya with a new guy. A source revealed to Edgar Obare, through a video, showing her strolling along the beach with her Mzungu new catch. The source further added that they had witnessed Natalie being cozy with her guy, and even at one point Natalie applied oil on the guy’s back.

Netizens can’t keep calm to the breaking news around town with some saying that she has degraded from a jet to a public beach.


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