New Features Introduced to X (Formerly Twitter) in 2023 and 2024

Since its rebranding in August 2023, X has introduced several new features, aiming to become an “everything app” beyond just short-form messaging.


Edit Tweet: Users can finally edit their tweets after posting, a long-awaited feature.

Community Notes: Create long-form text content (up to 4,000 characters) for deeper dives and storytelling.

Co-Tweeting: Users can now collaborate on tweets, creating multi-author posts.

XHiring: Verified Organizations can share job listings through their respective handles on the platform.

Sensitivity Settings: Enable advertisers to align their brand’s messaging with content on X that meets their unique sensitivity needs.

Verification for Organizations:X now offer a Basic tier for Verified Organizations, in addition to its original Full Access tier. Basic subscription is $200 per month (plus any applicable tax and fees) or $2,000 per year (plus any applicable tax and fees). Full Access is $1,000 per month and $10,000 per year (plus any applicable tax and fees).


Audio & Video Calling: Make calls directly within the app, without needing to share phone numbers, expanding communication options.

Peer-to-Peer Payments (planned): Send and receive money directly within X, potentially competing with established payment platforms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration : Plans are underway to utilize AI for personalized content recommendations and potentially even automated content creation.

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