Carol Sonie Responds To Mulamwah

Carol Sonnie Responds To Mulamwah.


Social media personality and mother to Mulamwah’s child Carol Sonnie, has responded assertively to the comedian’s recent participation in the baby daddy challenge. Mulamwa Discloses He Spent 200K To Hire The Horses


Taking to her social media accounts, Carrol Sonnie posted a video expressing her perspective as a former partner in a potentially toxic relationship.



“I am a Toxic Baby Mama, ata ex akinitext na pseudo account ati ananimiss, ata hiyo nablock. I am a Toxic Baby Mama of course I told my Daughter Babake Aligongwa na Train akiwa kazi ya reli. I am a Toxic Baby Mama Keilah is not my kid ataendelea kumuonea online. I am a Toxic Baby Mama, Mimi ndo hupea baby daddy content. He can’t do without me.”



Shortly following Mulamwah’s revelation about the difficulties he encounters as a father in Kenya, he shared the challenges he confronts as a baby daddy.


Through a video circulated on various social media platforms, the comedian expressed the common perception that he is the root of the problem. Mulamwah lamented that his interactions with his child are primarily confined to social media platforms.


Furthermore, he disclosed that his child is unaware of his existence, revealing that the child’s mother has taken measures to block communication with him.


“Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya; everybody thinks I am the problem. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, all baby mamas hate me. Please auntie, I am not the one who impregnated you. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, the child was told I died last year. I am a baby daddy in Kenya. When I thrive, you say I am making my ex suffer. I am just living my life. So I should not marry? I am a baby daddy in Kenya I only see the child online. I am a baby daddy in Kenya. I am still planning myself because I know there is a day I will be needed. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, I have been blocked. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, nobody is going to trust me, but it is okay.”


Mulamwah and Carrol ended their relationship in 2021 amidst allegations of infidelity. The comedian openly disclosed on social media that Carrol had been unfaithful, providing detailed accounts of the situation.


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