Nick Ruto responds to gay allegations

Nick Ruto did not have it easy with Kenyans on Twitter yesterday, when a video surfaced of him being gifted a necklace by his friend stirred gay speculations.

Social media was fuzzing with all sorts of opinions with some people buying the notion that he is indeed gay.

There were claims that he has been gay for a long time and was now getting engaged to be married. Well, everything was far fetched.

Nick took to social media to calm the fuzz and clear the air about his sexuality with a statement saying,

“Build your circle and celebrate each other. If you can gift your friend the best you can on their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings e.t.c. This will help you understand the value of friendship and comprehend that gifting a friend of same or opposite gender does NOT amount to sexual /erotic relationship.Thank you all for your birthday wishes and gifts.”


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