Miss P apologizes to Willy Paul

Miss P apologizes to Willy Paul.

Kenyan artist Miss P has addressed her previous scandal with ex signee Willy Paul about what happened between them when she was under his record label.

Speaking in an interview, she said she is a very spontaneous person and sometimes she does random things like when she said she quit music and but she is thinking about making a comeback.

Addressing her scandal with Will Paul, Miss P accusing Willy Paul was so random and she was overwhelmed and not okay psychologically and she really regrets what she said.

” Like I said I am a very impulsive person and I just woke up and decided to do the interview. My emotions were all over the place and I was not okay psychologically or mentally but Immediately after the interview I asked myself, what have I done?” she said

She added that she is not in a position to clarify whether whatever she said was true or not but it was not the best choice she made in her life.

The singer said that she is looking for Willy Paul so that they can streamline things but before that she has to apologize to him publicly before they meet ever meet in person.

“I tarnished his name publicly, let me clean it up first before I approach him. Willy Paul you know we had history, things happened, many things that we are not proud of. It has been two years and it’s not good to hold grudges it is exhausting so I will reach out but you can also reach out before I do I hope you get my message.” she added.

Miss P added that the reason she is looking for Willy Paul is just to make things right and not to benefit anything, but if they end up doing music together again it will be amaizing.

When Miss P was signed under Willy Paul’s label, she had featured in big songs such as Liar, fall in love, Tired and Mashallah.

They however later had a major fallout after She claimed that Willy Paul had sexually abused her on several occasions.


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