Phoina reveals She Spent 800K On Liposuction

Phoina reveals She Spent 800K On Liposuction.


Make up Artist and entrepreneur Phoina expressed her satisfaction with the outcomes of a cosmetic procedure she underwent in 2023.


In an interview, the businesswoman emphasized that opting for plastic surgery should be an individual choice.Anerlisa ends friendship with Phoina over video with Omar Lali


Phoina shared that her decision to undergo liposuction stemmed from her dissatisfaction with her previous body shape.


She highlighted the personal nature of such choices, emphasizing that individuals should make decisions about cosmetic procedures based on their own desires and preferences.


“Weuh mimi niko tuu hivi. Lakini sitakgeuka. Waist nili reduciwa hapa hivi mnavyoniona. Enyewe nilichongwa. Body by Design did an amazing job. So I’m super proud of that. That was an achievement by the way for me. I did a liposuction. Nilitoa mafuta, ukiwa na pesa unatoa mafuta.” She said.



“Usikae na mafuta, mafuta unaeka huku ya nini? Its upto you. Si mafuta ni yako? Ukitaka kuitupa pia ni sawa. ” She added.


Phoina currently has no imminent intentions of undergoing further cosmetic alterations to her body. She is content with the results she has achieved and is taking a wait-and-see approach to observe how things unfold.


“Saaa hii apana, right now I want to save money, pesa ikiongezeka kwa account, io tuu”



“Ni affordable ni less than a million. It’s around 800 and something. All inclusive. So it’s something you can do if you want to.”



Phoina allocated funds for the construction of her own mansion and even revealed the chosen location for the future residence. Wrapping up the year on a high note, she concluded with a strong commitment to building her dream home.


“A Grand Mansion Loading where my twin Babies will grow up running around in a perfect serene place,2023 was the best year yet, am so grateful for 2023, I achieved a lot in life and as a person🙏🙏🙏 Decided to play the Main Character in my Life, can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for us, am excited about the new year, To Greater achievements 👌watch this space 👌”


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