Please Call Me Inventor Wins Long Legal Battle Against Vodacom

Mr Makate, a former Vodacom employee, proposed the Please Call Me concept in 2000.

While not involved in its development, he was initially promised compensation. However, when negotiations failed, he embarked on a two-decade legal journey.

The court criticized Vodacom for employing “underhand tactics” throughout the legal battle, starting even before its official commencement in 2008.

These tactics, coupled with the company’s attempt to limit compensation to a hypothetical five-year period, despite Please Call Me’s undeniable success, influenced the court’s decision.

Using the court-approved payment model, Mr Makate could receive a staggering $1.06 billion in compensation. This amount surpasses Vodacom’s South African network infrastructure investment.

Vodacom remains undeterred, expressing its surprise and disappointment with the ruling. The company intends to challenge the decision in the Constitutional Court.


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