Police Officer Arrested On Alleged Murder Of Lang’ata Woman

Police Officer Arrested On Alleged Murder Of Lang’ata Woman.


A member of the GSU is now in custody in connection with the demise of a woman initially believed to have committed suicide by leaping off the balcony of her Lang’ata apartment.


The constable, assigned to the GSU’s Ruaraka headquarters, was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Thursday.


The arrest was prompted by a forensic examination of the victim’s phone, which indicated the officer’s possible presence during Nelvin Museti’s fatal incident.


“He is held at Lang’ata police station and shall be arraigned in court to face a charge of murder,” the OB report read in part.


On January 11, the apartment caretaker reported that a tenant, Nelvin Museti, had allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of the building.


Upon receiving the report, an officer from the National Police Service (NPS) in Lang’ata visited the deceased’s residence. During the inspection, NPS officers discovered a used condom, an empty whiskey bottle, a quarter-filled 2-litre soft drink bottle, two glasses, and a partially smoked roll of bhang (marijuana).


Following the report, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) based in Lang’ata promptly initiated investigations. The victim’s mobile phone underwent analysis, revealing that the suspect’s phone number had maintained constant communication with her.


Further scrutiny indicated that the suspect had made purchases totaling Sh1,650 from a wines and spirits shop. Additional transactions, each amounting to Sh150, were made by the police officer on the same day at approximately 7:27 pm and 10:47 pm.


“Further analysis revealed that the subscriber proceeded and joined the victim at her apartment for the night,” police said.


Ongoing investigations by the police aim to determine the origin of the drinks and unravel the circumstances surrounding the woman’s demise.


According to neighbors, a thud was heard outside around 5 am, following the woman’s alleged leap from the third floor of the apartment. The motive behind the incident is still under investigation.


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