Raymond Kahuma Breaks Another Record

Raymond Kahuma Breaks Another Record.

Raymond Kahuma, a renowned content creator hailing from Uganda, has once again etched his name in the pages of the Guinness World Records. Chef Maliha breaks the Guinness world record for longest cooking marathon

Embarking on a mission in Kenya on November 19, 2023, Raymond aimed to set a new world record for the quickest preparation of chapati, and he triumphed in his endeavor.

In an impressive feat, he skillfully crafted three chapatis in a mere 3 minutes, 10 seconds, and 22 milliseconds. Raymond excitedly shared this achievement with his followers on social media.

“I Broke The Fastest Chapati Cooking World Record From Kenya.”

I In the year 2022, he achieved a remarkable feat by crafting the largest Ugandan Rolex, a beloved street food in Uganda.

This extraordinary Rolex comprised an impressive assembly of ingredients, including a whopping 1,200 eggs, 90kg of diverse vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cabbages, carrots, and peppers. Additionally, the colossal dish incorporated 72kg of flour and 40kg of cooking oil.


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