How Brian Mwenda’s Family is Feeling About His Arrest

How Brian Mwenda’s Family is Feeling About His Arrest.


The family of Brian Mwenda Njagi, facing allegations of impersonating a High Court advocate, is appealing for leniency on his behalf. Chief Justice Martha Koome criticizes President Ruto’s Remarks


Yvonne Makena, his sister, addressed the media outside the courtroom on Wednesday, January 17th, emphasizing the significant responsibilities that her brother carries.


“Brian is my brother, caring and supportive in fact is our breadwinner,” she said.


Life for the family since he went viral has not been easy with Makena revealing that,


“There were some few challenges but we overcame. Tunaovercome tu,” she started.


Their dad has been particularly been the most affected, “Ako na blood pressure…….after Brian started hizi cases zake”.


Brian is a father of a Grade 1 student who lives in Meru.


“Brian used to pay the child’s school fees, but now with these problems, we have tried to come together but hehe sijui.”


Brian’s  high school friend also joined his sister to address the media, where he said he enjoyed a long friendship with Brian.


“I have known him for so long as someone who has loved to advocate for people anapenda kufanya mambo na law, kutetea watu,” He said.


“he is a very good guy, si mtu anakuanga na mambo. Ata ako na katoto, ” He added.


He revealed that his prayer for his friend Brian was,


“Empower him, nurture him, because nurturing him is something not complex. But not to squeeze him the way kama saa hii amekaa remand 7 days.”


Another friend who works in Makadara Law courts said that Brian showed his kindness anytime you met him.


“Brian ni mtu roho safi. Most of the time when he left the court he would look for us. When I heard this story I was shocked. He used to help so many people.” He revealed.


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