Chef Maliha breaks the Guinness world record for longest cooking marathon

Kenyan Chef Maliha breaks the Guinness world record for longest cooking marathon.

Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed has broken the world record for longest cooking marathon. She had however earlier faced a setback.

The chef who started the challenge on November 15, fainted due to fatigue after just passing the 111-hour mark.

She had targeted to cook for over 140 hours and beat the current record which stands at 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds.

Alan Fisher had broken the longest cooking marathon record by cooking for 119 hours and 57 minutes, surpassing the former record set by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci by over 24 hours.

In a video shared on social media, she was unconscious but revealed that this would not stop her from completing her task.

“I am a conqueror and a marathon runner. Nothing is bringing us down; to the finish line, we go,” she said.

She then later updated her fans on her progress where she declared she was totally fine and ready to break the record.

“I’m well now. Thanks to my physician who did a checkup but am back to business 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾.” she added.

Chef Maliha broke the Guinness world record for the longest home kitchen cooking marathon in August after cooking for 95 hours nonstop.

She officially surpassed the previous record held by American chef Rickey Lumpkin of California, who achieved a home cooking time of 68 hours, 30 minutes, and 1 second in December 2018.

Kenyans are are happy for her as she keeps breaking new records. Among celebrities who have shown up at her cookathon include: Flaqo, Lit Boy, 2Mbili, Bien among others.


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