Rayvanny gets cosy with ex Fahyma while girlfriend Paulah is abroad

The relationship between Rayvanny and his 19year old girlfriend Paulah took Tanzania by storm a few months ago.

Paulah is the daughter of famous socialite Kajala Fridah and a well Known Tanzanian Producer.

Prior to Rayvanny’s new relationship he used to date fashion icon Fahyma Love, with whom they share a son.

Recently Rayvanny’s new flame Paulah moved abroad for further studies after completion of her secondary education.

Their long distance relationship however seems to have come with a new plate as Rayvanny was spotted getting too cosy with his ex Fahyma.

The news was revealed by Mange Kimambi who gave details into what went down with the two.

Apparently Rayvanny was at a popular restaurant in the VIP section with Fahyma and they all over each other.

Leo lunchtime walikuwa pamoja Havanna. Wakakaa VIP mabusu kama yote. Mapenzi kama yooote.mahaba kama yooote.

Kwa kifupi wamerudiana Ila Fayhma kapewa down grade from main to side chick. Yani yeye now ndo anafichwa Paula ndo main.

Mange claims from the two exes body language they clearly still had feelings for each other.

She added that Rayvanny is keeping the relationship on the low, making Fahyma the side chick while Paulah remains the main girlfriend.

The two were also spotted at the same place on another occasion as they tried to conceal it.


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