Stivo Simple Boy’s woes revealed on exploitation by managers

Stivo Simple Boy shot to fame years ago with his song ‘Vijana Tuache Mihadarati. ‘

Since then he has gone forward and released other songs as well as being paid to perform on several occasions.

He enhanced his career under his two managers who happen to be brothers.

However all has not been well behind the glitz and glamour of his fame.

It has come to light that his two managers have been exploiting Stivo all this time to the point where he cannot even afford his rent.

He has been living in a mud/iron house despite all the money he makes from his music and shows.

His managers have been stealing from him by giving him Ksh 2,000 out of a Ksh 70,000 show.

All this goes on while he is restricted from talking to people after performances to hide what the managers have been doing.

The woes do not stop there as it has also been revealed that the managers refused that he be signed to Octopizzo’s label.


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