Shakilla claims Vera Sidika married a beach boy

Shakilla claims Vera Sidika married a beach boy.

The beef between Socialites Shakilla and Vera Sidika seems to escalate as the two keep on going at each other on social media.

Vera Sidika revealed that she is rich and her one meal in a restaurant is the same price as Shakilla’s monthly rent.

Shakilla on the other hand said Vera brags about money and dining with the Kardashians yet she ended up marrying a beach boy.

She went on to claimed that Brown Mauzo gave Vera a fake Diamond ring.

It all started in a recent interview when Shakilla asked Vera to retire from the streets and take care of her children since she is already old.

Shakilla said she is 20 while Vera is 33 and they cannot be compared since there are things she can do with her body that Vera can’t.

The mother of two however did not take the comment lightly and called out Shakilla saying she is obsessed with her.

In another post, Vera said people have been bitter since she gave birth to her two children and they have been criticizing her as if she should not have fun because she is a mother.


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