She sends me money every month: Akothee gushes over her firstborn daughter Vesha

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love.Except when your daughter gives it back to you in love and abundance and that is why Akothee is glowing with gratitude and so much love.

Taking to her instagram account, Akothee couldn’t help but get thrilled with joy by the fact that her daughter Vesha, was moving on with her life but had not forgotten the sacrifices mummy dearest had made for her and the siblings throughout their lives.

Akothee made her decision to do everything she could so she would be able to educate her children to have a bright future which translated to a truly independent daughter. Vesha was able to walk away from the job her mother hooked her up with and nope! It wasn’t a problem between the two but, this was where Vesha’s gratitude could be seen. Why you ask? It’s because she got herself another job as soon as she was done with school and now she sends her mother some money every month.”Mummy has a new sponsor.”and indeed, this is one of the most beautiful relationship we have witnessed in such a long time between a celebrity mother and daughter.

Akothee and her daughter Vesha

Akothee is never shy about expressing her emotions at any time and when it comes to letting her children know just how much they mean to her, she goes all out. And who wouldn’t want their mother to be their greatest cheerleader?.Why else do you think her children, especially the eldest daughters, Vesha, Rue Baby and Prudence are so confident? It’s because of Akothee. A mother-daughter bond that has transitioned into being bestfriends where Akothee respects the fact that her daughters are adults now and it is easier for them to seek her out for advice simply because she is the authority figure in their lives.


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