“Mind the female friends you introduce to your boyfriends”: Jamal Rohosafi warns

It is no secret that Jamal Rohosafi started dating Amber Ray after his wife Amira introduced Amber to him. Amber was Amira’s friend but whatever Amber did to get Jamal, only he knows.

Taking to his Insta stories Jamal Rohosafi posted a cryptical message saying ;

“Mind the friends you introduce to your boyfriends/husbands. Trust me I know what I am saying.”

This goes without saying that Amber Ray is the woman who Jamal’s wife Amira introduced him to. You know how the story goes. Amber Ray later got married to Jamal and the drama that unfolded thereafter is unforgettable. But the story did not age well.

Jamal was the husband who could go to Amber’s house and leave his wife and his kids without a second thought. No one knows whether he was for the clout but it seems he has woken up from that sleep.

The relationship between Jamal and Amber did not last and now there are speculations that he is back with Amira.

A relationship ending soon after its start is not what anyone foresees but in this case, people have been saying they saw it coming.

Who do you think Jimal’s message is for? Let us in the comments down below.

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