Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 Allegedly Breaks Up with Dj Mo

Size 8 Allegedly Breaks Up with Dj Mo.

Gospel artist Size 8 has reportedly separated from her husband DJ Mo. The artist and her two children left their home last week as a result of ‘Irreconcilable’ differences. Friends and family reportedly tried unsuccessfully to reconcile the two but Size 8’s anger could not hold up.

Before she decided to leave with the kids, there had been tension between them for some time. The duo however continued to publish content sponsored by different corporations in order to retain their good image. The decision to maintain the appearance of a perfect couple was purely to keep their joint businesses running smoothly.

According to the source, Size 8 has had enough, and made up her mind to leave the marriage. In the course of their nine-year marriage, the couple’s marital problems had been in the blogs on several occasions.

The first time Size 8 left her matrimonial home was in 2018. This was after she had already kicked DJ Mo out two years before. She claimed that the causes of their marital issues included minor disagreements, conversations, phone calls that DJ Mo would get from suspicious people, and him frequently returning home at unusual hours.

In 2020 the couple also had a scandalous experience after DJ Mo’s side chic revealed information about their relationship. This time however, she chose to pray for her marriage. They later made up in their reality show and everything seemed perfect, especially after Dj Mo almost hit Ringtone for disrespecting Size 8 at her album launch.

The reconciliation has been short lived as the two have now even stopped following one other on social media, with size 8 requesting her friends to give her some space to reflect on her marriage.


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