Socialite Risper Faith Has Shared Photos Of Before And After Surgery

Socialite Risper Faith Has Shared Photos Of Before And After Surgery.


Risper Faith recently revealed her remarkable transformation, showcasing the results of her cosmetic surgery journey after five months.


The proud mother of one took to social media to share a captivating before-and-after comparison, expressing her satisfaction with the ongoing process.


In her post, Risper Faith expressed optimism about reaching her desired weight within a year post-surgery.


Despite the gradual nature of her weight loss journey, she radiates confidence and embraces every step of the transformative experience.



“I am so happy this journey is forever. My losing weight is gonna take one year. Within one year I will get to my attained weight. When I get to the weight I desire, and then I go back to the hospital to talk with my nutritionist, I tell them this is where I want to be,” she said.


Having undergone surgery on August 18, 2023, Risper Faith reflected on her journey at the beginning of the year, specifically on January 1.


She openly shared her contemplation about addressing her significant weight gain in the course of 2023.


“I did my research about it because I was rock bottom kwa unono,” she added.


Opting for the overarching term “Biotric surgery,” she explored various components such as the Gastric Balloon and gastric sleeve, among other available options.


Ultimately, she decided that the gastric sleeve was the most suitable choice to address her specific concern.


“I was looking at a permanent solution. Do you know why? Because the last time I did liposuction, you guys laughed at me. coz nilijiachilia after one year. But now I’ve had permanent surgery. I’m gonna be like this for the rest of my life.”


Two weeks before her surgery she followed a strict diet


“It was a low-carb diet for two weeks. I was fat and all my organs zilikuwa zimejaa mafuta around it,” she explained what it entailed before surgery.


Prior to embarking on her diet, her weight stood at 125 kilograms. Implementing a low-carb approach resulted in a noticeable reduction, bringing her down to 118 kilograms.


Since August 2023, she has consistently experienced a gradual decline in weight.


The culmination of her transformation was particularly highlighted in December 2023, showcasing the significant progress she had achieved.


“Saa ii naka baby girl.I look like Nakaa sweet sixteen, nakaa poa”


“I am so happy for the progress, I am so happy for where I am,” she exclaimed


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