KRA comes for Kenyans who show off on social media

If you love showing off on social media, the Kenya Revenue Authority is on the watch.

KRA Commissioner General James Githii Mburu says, tax officials will now seek to find out if people pay taxes that match their wealth online.

Mburu said that KRA officers are now on social media and will be hunting Kenyans who live luxurious lives to ensure their taxes are paid accordingly.

Kenyans who are found to be avoiding tax will face the consequences which comes with travel burns, prosecution, and the collection of their taxes directly from their suppliers.

In the social media, we have some people posting some nice things.

You would see some posting nice houses, cars, taking their families to nice places and so on.

Here, we are not sleeping, when we see those, we see taxes.We have our officers looking, they have gadgets.

They key in very quickly (the number plate) to check. We are working exceptionally hard. Githii said.

We have access to IFMIS and we want to see anyone being paid by government; is he or that business paying taxes?

We are also able to work with other third parties like Kenya Power.

He added that the new tactics are part of a larger operation that includes spies of bank statements, import records, motor vehicle details, water bills, Kenya Power, and data from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authaurity.

We know you can build a house from loans. But that loan must be repaid from somewhere. We are following all those applying for meters. ” he said.




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