Suspect in Thika Road Murder Had Used Fake ID

Suspect in Thika Road Murder Had Used Fake ID.

Detectives are urgently seeking a suspect linked to the brutal murder of a 24-year-old woman, whose mutilated body was discovered concealed in a paper bag near Thika Road in Nairobi.

Initial investigations reveal that the perpetrator utilized counterfeit documents and a mobile number registered under a woman’s identity to reserve the accommodation.24 year old stabbed and chopped in Roysambu, Kasarani

Despite having only a few images from CCTV cameras in the vicinity, law enforcement currently lacks substantial leads as they intensively pursue the suspect. The motive behind the murder remains enigmatic.

An officer within the investigative team expressed concerns that the perpetrator may pose a continued threat, having seemingly acted with considerable anger during the crime.

Efforts are underway to release captured images of the suspect to the public in the hope of identification.

The victim, as yet unidentified, had her fingerprints collected by the police for analysis in the ongoing identification process.

The tragic incident unfolded in an apartment along TRM Drive, Thika Road, where the woman was stabbed and dismembered.

The suspect had reserved the room on Saturday, entering with the woman. By Sunday morning, he departed alone, returning the key to the receptionist.

Upon inspecting the apartment, the caretaker observed blood traces leading to the room. Following the trail, they discovered a bin collection point where neighbors found the dismembered remains and promptly alerted the police.

CCTV footage of the incident depicts a man wearing black jeans, a black jumper, a navy blue shirt, glasses, and a white cap while booking the single-roomed accommodation above a supermarket.

Nairobi police chief Adamson Bungei confirmed the active search for the murder suspect. The premises attendant is cooperating with the police in their investigation.

Bungei emphasized the need for vigilance among accommodation providers when handling bookings, as the authorities pursue leads to aid in the apprehension of the suspect.


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